Public Safety Sales Tax

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Public Safety & Neighborhood Infrastructure Sales Tax Initiative

KCK voters approved the 3/8-cent Public Safety and Neighborhood Infrastructure Sales Tax in April 2010 with 70% of the vote. The tax expired in July 2020.
Voters are being asked to renew the sales tax for an additional 10 years in the August 2018 Primary election.

If Sales Tax Continuance is Approved

  • Maintain the current sales tax rate-no tax increase
  • Dedicated 3/8 cent to Public Safety & Neighborhood Infrastructure
  • Recommend August 7, 2018 election
  • Continues from July 1, 2020 – remains in effect for 10 years
  • Expenditures approved annually by the Board of Commissioners
  • Improves quality of life by funding neighborhood infrastructure improvements
  • Provides funding to improve streets, curbs and sidewalks
  • Funds safe routes to schools for children and parents
  • Improvements to community centers
  • Enhancements to neighborhood parks
KCKPD Portfolio KCKFD Portfolio Neighborhood Infrastructure
KCK-PD-Facilities KCK-FD-Equipment Neighborhood
  • Purchased 50 police vehicles
  • 8 police motorcycles
  • Police vehicle cameras and other equipment
  • Purchased 15 Fire vehicles
  • Fire personnel
  • Fire station maintenance
  • Equipment
  • Commission NBD improv. proj (CNIP)
  • Community centers
  • Safe routes to schools
  • Streets, Curbs, Sidewalks, Parks, etc.


Past Sales Tax Information

Sales Tax Election

In April 2010, KCK voters approved a 3/8-cent city sales tax to help fund public safety and neighborhood improvements such as sidewalks, curbs and street repairs. The measure passed 70% to 30%. The revenues generated by the Public Safety and Community Infrastructure Sales tax are preventing devastating cuts to the KCK Police and Fire Departments and providing important improvements to neighborhoods.

The citizens of KCK showed their overwhelming support for public safety and neighborhood improvements and demonstrated their willingness to financially support those vital community services and programs. The Unified Government is well aware of the financial commitment citizens chose to make-- especially during these difficult economic times-- and pledge to be trustworthy stewards of the sales tax revenues. Keeping citizens well informed about the revenues collected and how they are spent is a major piece in securing and keeping that public trust.