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Water Pollution Control 

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Water Pollution

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WP Control Division

The Water Pollution Control Division is charged with helping to protect public health and the environment of the community by treating approximately 25-30 million gallons per day (MGD) of raw sewage, also called wastewater, with an overall capacity of 66 MGD.

The wastewater is generated by residential, commercial and industrial customers. The Division operates:

  • 70 wastewater pump stations,
  • 9 flood pumpstations,
  • 5 wastewater treatment facilities,

Servicing an area of approximately 160 square miles, and a population of over 150,000 people. In order to meet all federal and state regulatory requirements and most to provide 24-hour per day wastewater service to our customers, the system is closely managed through our Water Pollution Control Division staff of approximately 121 employees.  Since wastewater is 98% water and 2% pollutants, the Water Pollution Control Division must meet such stringent water quality standards that essentially they are removing over 95-99% of those 2% pollutants in the water

Included in those 121 employees is our Sewer Maintenance Division which is responsible for overseeing the sewer infrastructure that spans throughout the county and city.  The Sewer Maintenance maintains over 800 miles of sanitary sewer and 400 miles of storm sewer, and cleans and inspects the sewer lines within a 3-5 year cycle. 


Their responsibilities include:

  • both minor and major sewer repairs
  • cleaning of sewer lines
  • televising and inspecting sewer lines
  • rebuilding catch basins, manholes
  • repairing line breaks during emergencies

Additional Information

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Water Pollution Ctr Hours Trenton Foglesong Phone Numbers
Administration Bldg. 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Director P: (913) 573-1300
50 Market Street Monday - Friday Email F: (913) 573-1351
Kansas City, KS      

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