How to Get a Yard Extension

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The yard extension program is for Land Bank owned vacant lots that are unbuildable.  These lots are often abandoned and forgotten. This program gives new life to unbuildable and forgot lots, giving homeowners the chance to give them new life. If you are interested in giving a purpose to a lot adjacent to your current property by extending your current yard space you are in the right spot. 

We love to see our community restoring and maintaining these lost lots into something beautiful! 


Step 1.Check out the Available Properties

You can use the interactive Land Bank Map.

When you access the map, make sure that you select the tab that will best fit the type of improvement you would like to do.

Land Bank Properties Website Screenshot(JPG, 28KB)

Once you find the property you are interested in make note of the parcel number and the address. You will need them later in the application process.

Step 2.Know the Rules

Because yard extensions are a specific way to use Lank Bank lots, it's good to know the requirements. Here are the basics, but you will want to check out the Requirement Tab on this page to know more.

  • You must live in the house adjacent to the property.
  • The lot must be considered vacant.
  • The lot must be defined as unbuildable.
  • You must be current on your property taxes.
  • You must not have any open property maintenance cases.

Step 3.Gather Information

You will need several pieces of information to get started. Filling out the application will be quick and easy if you have these items ready to go. 

  • Parcel number.
  • Address of the lot.
  • Example pictures or drawing of what you plan to build.
  • Know who your area neighborhood groups and Neighborhood Business Revitalization Organization's (NBR).

Step 4.Know how to Estimate the Cost

Now that you have a lot in mind, and you have the address and parcel number you can figure out what it might cost.

  • The sale price is the Wyandotte County appraised value or frontage times $10. Whichever amount is greater.
  • The value appraised on January 1st of the current year will be used for this calculation.

You can find lots of useful information that might help you estimate the cost of obtaining the lot next to you at the Appraiser's Office.

Step 5.Complete the Application

Apply for a Yard Extension

Step 6.Know What to Expect Next

Each proposed plan must be presented to the Unified Government Board of Commission. We are here to support and assist you through this process. Here are some things you need to know. Land Band Staff will:

  • Share your project with area neighborhood groups and Neighborhood Business Revitalization Organization's (NBR) and gather feedback.
  • Schedule your project to be heard at a Unified Government Standing Committee and Full Commission meeting.
  • Share the scheduled meeting date and time with you.
  • Create a presentation for your project and send it to you for review before the scheduled meetings.

Step 7.Enjoy Your New Space!

Once the Commission approves the extension and the lot has been paid for, you are ready to take ownership.


What are the eligibility requirements?

  • The purchaser resides in the house adjacent to the property.
  • The property is currently a vacant lot.
  • The property is deemed unbuildable.
  • The purchaser is current on property taxes.
  • The purchaser has not opened property maintenance cases.

What is considered an unbuildable lot?

If a home can't be built on the lot, it's an unbuildable lot. Some factors that are considered are;

  • The area of the lot is less than 2,000 square foot.
  • The frontage is less than 19.99 feet.
  • The property is in a floodplain.
  • The property is landlocked, or not accessible by traditional means.
  • The property is considered in the right of way.
  • The property does not meet the topographical requirements for construction.