Community Health Assessment

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) is a comprehensive tool that helps us understand the health status of a community. The purpose of completing a CHA is to surface potential challenges and community assets that impact the health and quality of life of people in Wyandotte County. The 2022 CHA collected data first-hand from community members through surveys, focus groups and community forums. It also used secondary data from publicly available sources, such as the Census Bureau. The CHA helps prioritize our community’s needs and bring our collective resources to bear to create systemic change and capitalize on the success of our current CHIP. 

Top Health Issues Identified in the 2022 CHA:
  • Community Violence
  • Health care access
  • Employment and income
  • Affordable housing or homelessness
  • Drug Misuse
  • Mental Health and suicide
  • Chronic disease
  • Poor nutrition or obesity


Full version: Wyandotte County 2022 CHA report(PDF, 4MB)

Abridged version: Wyandotte County 2022 CHA Report(PDF, 1MB)

Summary: Brief overview of the Wyandotte County 2022 CHA(PDF, 170KB)

One-pagers: Infographics on key health issues in the Wyandotte County 2022 CHA(PDF, 479KB)


Wyandotte County CHA 2022 Final Cover