Codes & Ordinances

Proposed Codes Adoption

The Unified Government Neighborhood Resource Center in conjunction with the Fire Department require your input as we finalize our recommendation to the governing body to adopt the 2018 set of the model construction codes. The Unified Government will utilize these codes in the design, construction, maintenance, repair, inspection, and fire prevention of our built environment.

UG staff along with members of several municipalities of the metropolitan area met to research and vet proposed amendments to be presented to the perspective jurisdictions for approval. This was conducted to provide continuity of enforcement across the metropolitan area.

We ask for you to review the proposed amendments and provide comments and feedback on the code section of concern.

The Unified Government Neighborhood Resource Center in conjunction with the Fire Department has proposed the following codes and ordinances:

Documents available for comment Referenced Code
(Most Recent Version Available Will Be Adopted)
International Mechanical Code (IMC)(PDF, 96KB) 2018 International Mechanical Code
International Residential Code (IRC)(PDF, 326KB) 2018 International Residential Code
International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)(PDF, 153KB) 2018 International Energy Conservation Code
National Electrical Code (NEC)(PDF, 152KB) 2017 National Electrical Code*
International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC)(PDF, 178KB) 2018 International Property Maintenance Code
Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)(PDF, 151KB) 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code
International Existing Building Code (IEBC)(PDF, 96KB) 2018 International Existing Building Code
International Building Code (IBC) 2018 International Business Code
International Fire Code (IFC)& NFPA Life Safety Code(PDF, 159KB) 2018 International Fire Code
2018 NFPA Life Safety Code*


How to submit your comments:

Comments, questions, or concerns can be sent to

To make comments on an individual code, highlight the section of concern and add a comment. Documents with your comments can be attached in an email. Sections of concern can also be copied and pasted from the code's PDF into an email with your comments. We will close public comments on June 18th at 12:00PM unless otherwise posted. Thank you for your participation!

*To access the NEC and Life Safety Code, you must first create an account and validate your email address to access the free documents.

Currently Adopted Codes and Ordinances

The full text of the current codes and ordinances can be viewed here

The Unified Government has adopted the following codes and ordinances:

2012 International Residential Code
2012 International Building Code
2012 International Mechanical Code
2012 Uniform Plumbing Code
2011 National Electrical Code
2012 International Fire Code
2009 International Energy Code
2012 International Property Maintenance Code
Current NFPA Life Safety Code
Ordinances of the United Government of Wyandotte County / Kansas City, KS