Code Violation Stickers

Have you ever wondered what the brightly colored stickers in your neighborhood mean? There are several different stickers the Property Maintenance Compliance division use to indicate a code violation on someone’s property.


  • Neon Pink stickers indicate a structure is “Unfit for Human Habitation”
  • When a pink sticker has been attached to a structure, it is a crime (punishable by a fine of up to $2,500 and/or a jail sentence of up to six months) to occupy the structure after the date written on the sticker.
  • It is also a crime to deface or remove the placard.
  • A written notice will be sent to all interested parties listing all the repair, reconstruction, alteration, removal, or demolition requirements.
  • If the required action is not voluntarily completed, the Public Officer will enter legal proceedings to demolish or bring the property into compliance.



  • Neon green stickers indicate “Nuisance Abatement” which means it’s a violation regarding weeds or grass over 8 inches, trash and debris in the yard, or there is an unsecured/abandoned structure on the property.
  • The owner must correct the issue in 14 calendar days or the UG will correct the issue and the owner may be fined. A summons and/or ticket to appear in court may also be issued.



  • Blue stickers are notices regarding trash in the right-of-way.
  • The trash, debris, or other items at the curb or on the property must be removed in 24 hours.
  • Failure to correct the violation will result in a fee for the cost of removal.
  • A summons and/or ticket may also be issued.


Light Pink

  • Light Pink Stickers indicate a “Tow Notice.”
  • The notice will indicate whether the vehicle is inoperative, parked on unimproved surface, or improperly kept, parked, stored, or registered.
  • The vehicle must be removed from the location or registered within 10 business days from the date of the notice or it will be subject to tow at the owner’s expense.



  • Purple Stickers indicate an “Administrative Citation” which is distributed when a re-inspection is performed and all or some of the violations originally cited have not been corrected.
  • The Administrative Citation includes a fine for not correcting the violation.
  • Another re-inspection is then scheduled and an additional fine will be applied if the violations are still not corrected accordingly.
  • A court summons may still be issued in addition to the fine being assessed.
  • For code violations the fine can be $100 - $1500.
  • For failure to register vacant property the fine can be $250 - $2500.



  • A white notice like this one indicates a possible Demolition.
  • This notice will check off the conditions and defects that make the structure unfit for human habitation.
  • The notice indicates when the hearing will be held. Interested parties must appear and show cause why the structure shouldn't be repaired and improved or removed or demolished.