Development Process

Development Application

Land Development in Wyandotte County requires good coordination between the development community, neighborhoods, and staff of the Unified Government. The UG requires development applications to go through a detailed development review process by staff. Staff will administrate and coordinate the development standards of the city and county. This provides direction based on applicable policies, guidelines, codes and professional standards and principles.
To reduce plan sets and improve communication between the applicant and the plan reviewer, the UG is working towards streamlining the plan review process by adding Electronic Document Review (EDR). EDR will be available for the Department of Urban Planning and Land Use applications (Board of Zoning Appeals, City Planning Commission, and Landmarks Commission) and the Development Review Committee (commercial building permit applications).

The EDR process aims to:               

  • Reduce the need to print large-scale plans; annual savings projected for development clients.   
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration across internal and external teams. 
  • Support concurrent reviews by multiple reviewers on a single set of plans or documents. 
  • Promote savings in time associated with archiving.   

The EDR guidelines are in addition to the specific document submittals to support your application. Reference the checklist sheet provided with each application for the documents required. 

Application Packets, Forms, Instructions

Submission Deadline Calendar

Required Submissions & Required Copies 


Design Guidelines

The Unified Government has developed design standards for certain areas or certain development types based on existing assets or a vision set forth by an area plan or master plan.



Narrow Lot Design Guidelines

The Narrow Lot Design Guidelines is an administrative review performed by Planning and Urban Design Staff on proposed developments on residential lots that meet ANY the following criteria:

1. A lot with less than 50 feet of frontage;

2. A lot that is less than the required area for it's zoning designation;

3. A lot within the Northeast Area Master Plan designated Lower-Medium Density Residential; and,

4. A lot anywhere east of I-635.

Please see the Director's interpretation for Narrow Lot Design Guidelines criteria and eligibility: Director's Interpretation(PDF, 299KB)

The Narrow Lot Design Guideline Review is performed to accommodate a variety of development types on existing, non-conforming lots and ensure that development in older neighborhoods, traditionally east of Interstate 635, developed before World War II, maintain the character and vision of these existing communities, through application of traditional architectural and modern landscaping standards

See our application below as well as the Narrow Lot Design Guidelines.

Narrow Lot Design Guidelines Application: English(PDF, 601KB) / Espanol(PDF, 606KB)

Narrow Lot Design Guidelines Packet(PDF, 5MB)


Sign Ordinance & Permit Applications

Sign Ordinance: PDF(PDF, 2MB)
Sign Permit Application: English(PDF, 546KB) / Español(PDF, 729KB)

Review Time:
7-10 business days for the review of a sign permit application.

Types of Permits:

  • Permanent Sign: Required for new or re-facing existing of wall, canopy, projecting, monument, or incidental signs.
  • Special event displays: (temporary) permits are available for banner and feather signs are allowed for no more than 30 or 90 continuous days depending on mounting methods. Special event displays may be erected on the premises of an establishment having a grand opening or special event.
  • Special Event Banners: (temporary) may be displayed for special events as wall signs for up to (60) continuous days within any calendar year.

License Requirements:

Sign contractors are required to carry a city occupational tax license with Business Licensing. A valid UG license is required for all sign permit applications.

Signs within a Historic District:

Sign permits on properties within a Historic District shall have State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) approval prior to the issuance of a sign permit. Planning will make the submittal on behalf of the applicant to SHPO. Allow (30) business days for SHPO review.

Fee Schedule:

Make checks payable to the Unified Treasurer.

Fee Per Sign Sign Type
$30 Attached (e.g.Wall, Projecting, Window, Awning, etc.)
$80 Detached (e.g. Monument or Sandwich/"A" Frame)
$25 Other (e.g. Flag or Incidental)
$160 Billboard/Outdoor Advertising Sign (less than 300 SF)
$315 Billboard/Outdoor Advertising Sign (greater than 300 SF)

Additional Permits & Inspections

Building Inspections may be required based on the design of your sign. Applicant is responsible for obtaining the proper electrical permit and inspections if required for the sign with Building Inspections.

Ordinance & Application:

Applicant shall be complete and shall include required supporting documents; incomplete applications will be returned. The following supporting documents shall be required for new permanent signs in addition to a complete application:

  • Scale drawings or renderings that show the building elevation, the location of the sign, and detailed dimensions of the façade/wall the sign will be placed.
  • A detailed dimensioned site plan or plot plan that shows the location of the sign in relationship to: property lines, buildings, other signs on the site and the edge of the street pavement.
  • A detailed schematic drawing that gives the dimensions, color, materials of the sign and the method of attachment.
  • A letter from the property owner or authorized agent granting permission to construct the following sign(s)

Sign ordinance is available online under Chapter 27 Planning; Article VIII-Zoning; Division 11-Signs

Protest Petition

Protest petitions can only be submitted for either Change of Zone or Special Use Permit. They can only be submitted after a City Planning Commission action has been taken and before the following Board of Commissioner hearing date (approximately). If determined to be valid by Planning and Urban Design staff, a protest petition from the public requires a super majority of votes (9) of the Board of Commissioners to pass.

Download the Protest Petition(PDF, 202KB)

Before you download and print the protest petition materials, please contact the Department of Planning and Urban Design for further instructions either at (913) 573-5758 or

Completed protest petition’s must be submitted by mail or in person to the City Clerk’s office (701 North 7th Street, Suite 323 Kansas City, Kansas 66101) no later than 14 days after the City Planning Commission action at 5:00PM.

Director’s Interpretations

The Unified Government Code of Ordinances grants the Director of Planning the authority to make written interpretations concerning the provisions of the Zoning Code and the Official Zoning Maps. Such director’s interpretations as listed below, in satisfaction of Section 27-218(d). Any requests for interpretation shall be submitted to the Director of Planning for review.

2022 Additional Meetings for Master Plan Amendment(PDF, 190KB)
2021 Additional Meetings for Master Plan Amendment(PDF, 215KB)
Emergency Weather Shelters(PDF, 274KB)
Fireworks Stands Standards(PDF, 216KB)
Vehicle Fuel Pumps(PDF, 356KB)
Narrow Lot Design Guidelines(PDF, 299KB)