Historic Preservation

Coming Soon: Citywide Historic Preservation Plan

In 2023, the Department of Planning + Urban Design will launch the first ever Citywide Historic Preservation Plan in Kansas City, KS. This plan will define areas in need of historic surveys, project than can support existing landmarks and districts, and define a historic preservation strategy. This planning effort will rely on the engagement from and support of community members and businesses to realize future preservation efforts.

Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation is the conservation and safeguarding of historically significant properties and buildings. This is done through the continued use of historic and/or in-kind materials to repair and maintain the property and sharing the history of the property with the community. See a list of all Local, State, and Federally designated properties in Wyandotte County below. 

KCK Historic Landmark and Districts(PDF, 990KB)

KCK Historic Landmark and Districts(XLSX, 95KB)

Unified Government DotMaps allows the public to see their community through different layers of data, which includes historic landmarks, districts, and environs. When using this program for historic preservation, choose “Landmarks” in the layer list and click the check marks for Historic Districts, Historic District Environs, Historic Landmarks, and Historic Landmarks Environs to learn more about the historic resources in your communities.

Landmarks Commission

Landmarks Commission Application

English(PDF, 662KB) |Spanish(PDF, 2MB)

Historic Preservation FAQs

Ongoing Plans and Projects

Downtown kck historic commercial district and churches multiplke listings & nominations

In 2020, the UG was awarded two grants to develop a new historic district in Downtown KCK. An open house to gather public input will be held at the Downtown KCK Library. 

1. Downtown KCK Historic Commercial District Public Open House Consultant Presentation (September 20, 2022)(PDF, 1MB)

2. Downtown KCK Historic Commercial Area 2022 Survey(PDF, 2MB)

3. Downtown Historic District Flyer(PDF, 2MB)

4. Historic District Fact Sheet(PDF, 158KB)

5. Historic District Outreach Summary(PDF, 170KB)

Kansas City, Kansas Sanborn Maps

The Kansas City Sanborn Fire Insurance maps provided information to fire insurance companies to assess liability in urbanized areas. Today, the Department of Planning and Urban Design uses these maps to verify the property footprint and historic layout for staff reports and other research and enforcement issues.

General Index Sanborn Maps, KCK(PDF, 83MB)

KCK Sanborn Maps Supplemental Volume(PDF, 75MB)

KCK Sanborn Maps Volume 1(PDF, 343MB)

KCK Sanborn Maps Volume 2(PDF, 170MB)

KCK Sanborn Maps Volume 3(PDF, 138MB)

KCK Sanborn Maps Volume 4(PDF, 217MB)








Please direct any questions or comments to Randy Greeves, Historic Preservationist, at 913-573-5763 or rlgreeves@wycokck.org.