Sewer Separation Project CSO19 (Phase 1)

  • Project typeCombined Sewer Separation
  • Project value$6,600,000
  • Project scheduleSpring 2024 to Spring 2025
  • Contractor nameAmino Brothers Co., Inc.
  • Completion DateApril 30, 2025
A photograph of green pipes

Beginning Spring 2024, residents of the Waterway Park and Big Eleven Lake neighborhoods will see construction begin on a sewer separation project. This project is part of a broader initiative mandated by the Unified Government’s Consent Decree with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice. This decree, part of compliance with the Clean Water Act of 1972, aims to mitigate sewer overflows into local waterways, including Jersey Creek, by separating combined sewer systems.

This project – Combined Sewer Overflow 19 (CSO 19) Sewer Separation (Phase 1) – is the first of fourteen planned separation projects that will improve water quality, reduce overflows, and protect the community and environment.

Scheduled for completion by Spring 2025, the project will include the installation of new sanitary and storm sewer lines. The separation will reduce the amount of stormwater entering the sewer system which flows to the Kaw Point Wastewater Treatment Facility, thereby reducing the volume of water treated and cutting down on treatment costs. It also aims to decrease sewer overflows and backups that can lead to health risks and environmental issues.

Construction will occur in the area bounded by North 10th Street on the east, North 13th Street on the west, Everett Avenue on the north, and Grandview Boulevard on the south. The scope of work involves installing roughly 5,800 feet of new storm sewer piping, new manholes, and 48 curb inlets for street runoff, alongside an advanced vault stormwater treatment system to remove trash and clean the separated stormwater before it discharges into Jersey Creek. The work also includes more than 3,000 feet of new sanitary sewer piping and manholes.

This phase of the CSO 19 sewer separation project will cost about $6.6 million and is funded through sewer user fees and General Obligation bonds..

The Public Works Department is eager to oversee this crucial infrastructure upgrade, which not only fulfills the requirements of the Clean Water Act but also enhances the sustainability and reliability of the community's sewer system. For those interested in contributing to this vital community service, consider a career with the Public Works Department. More information is available at Public Works Careers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

About the Project

This project is part of the Sewer Investment Program under an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Justice and is the first of several sewer separation projects to be constructed in the Jersey Creek Drainage Basin. This project will provide a more reliable, sustainable sewer system, and meet Clean Water Act regulatory requirements for a cleaner environment.

How is the Project Funded?

This project will be funded using sewer user fees and General Obligation bonds.

When does construction begin and end?

Construction will begin in Spring 2024 and is anticipated to be complete by Spring 2025, weather permitting.

Will there be road closures during construction?

Yes, as traffic control plans for road and lane closures are received by the contractor, anticipated traffic impacts and schedules will be posted here. Please pay close attention to local on-street construction signage.

Why are the sewers being separated?

The sewers are being separated to reduce sewer overflows and to reduce the amount of combined sewage requiring treatment at the Kaw Point Wastewater Treatment Facility. Currently, both stormwater and sanitary sewage are delivered through the combined sewer for treatment at the wastewater treatment facility. Separating the stormwater from the sanitary sewage will result in increased capacity at the plant as well as reducing the volume of water to be treated, reducing costs. In addition, this project is one part of the UG’s Integrated Overflow Control Plan approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in its Consent Decree with the UG.

Who is the Project Contractor?

Amino Brothers Co., Inc. is the construction general contractor.


North 10th Street on the east, North 13th Street on the west, Everett Avenue on the north and Grandview Boulevard on the south, Kansas City, KS 66102  View Map

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