Greener Lawns and Cleaner Ponds

Published on September 11, 2023

Photograph of Big 11 Lake in Kansas City, Kansas

We all want what’s best for our plants; fertilizing them is a common way to help them. However, using too much fertilizer can cause problems, not just for your yard. When fertilizer is overused, rainstorms and periodic watering can result in large amounts of nutrients being washed off into our storm sewers and, eventually, into our local waterways. Once there, it can cause anything from the overgrowth of aquatic plants to large-scale fish kills.

How much fertilizer is too much fertilizer? Luckily, this question, and others, can be answered with a simple soil test, provided by the Unified Government for residents of Kansas City, Kansas, for free! Your soil test can help you answer four critical questions:

  1. What nutrients does my soil need?
  2. What type of fertilizer should I use?
  3. How much fertilizer should I use?
  4. How often should I fertilize?

By taking advantage of your free soil test, you will be more informed about how to take care of your lawn better, and you will also be protecting our local waterways in the process! Keep your lawn green and our waterways clean!

For more detailed information and to obtain a free soil test, visit the Stormwater Quality Programs webpage.