Help the UG Public Health Department "Spot the Hot" in WyCo

Published on June 21, 2023

wycoph-hotspot_original 2023

The Unified Government Public Health Department Needs Your Help!

With the increase in temperatures this week, are there places in #WyCo that feel hotter than others? Help us create a map of the hottest spots in Wyandotte County by plotting these locations on our Spot the Hot map! These locations will be used to plan routes for the Kansas Community Heat Watch.

Add your locations at:


The 2023 Kansas Community Heat Watch is a coordinated effort by the Unified Government Public Health Department and the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment and supported by the National Integrated Heat Health Information System and CAPA Strategies. By collecting temperature data, other communities have been able to implement tree-planting strategies, determine the location of new public transit shelters for cooling relief, develop heat action plans, and educate residents and policymakers about the distribution and dangers of heat in our communities. The Kansas Community Heat Watch is tentatively scheduled for August 12, with the weekend of August 18 as a backup. There will be opportunities to volunteer for the Heat Watch coming soon, so please keep a lookout!

If you're curious why it feels hotter in some places than others, feel free to read more about the Urban Heat Island at our site:

Hot summers are not felt equally in our communities and your input helps design where we collect our data. All data gathered through the Kansas Community Heat Watch will be made available to volunteers, stakeholders and the public in the Fall of 2023.