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Consumer Protection

Consumer Fraud

The District Attorney’s Office is also involved in consumer transactions, to help protect consumers from “deceptive acts and unconscionable practices.” Instances of consumer fraud include warranty disclaimers, door-to-door sales, contest or prize scams, charitable solicitations, home repairs or remodeling, debt collection practices, internet scams involving bank accounts, car purchases or repairs, telemarketing fraud, unordered merchandise, work at home offers, appliance repairs and defective merchandise, and mail order items.

Involuntary Commitments

The District Attorney’s Office provides help and support in committing patients to mental and/or substance abuse facilities. The petitioner must have first-hand knowledge that suggests that the patient is a danger to him/herself, or others and that the patient suffers from a mental illness or a substance abuse problem. The patient must refuse treatment at a specific facility. All information must be less than (2) weeks old.

Note: If the patient or others are in imminent danger, the petitioner should call 911 and have the police help with the situation.

Call (913) 573-2980 to file a complaint.


The Criminal Division of the District Attorney’s Office is made up of (19) Assistant District Attorneys (ADA). The Criminal Division prosecutes mainly felony crimes. Overseeing the ADA’s are the District Attorney, Mark A. Dupree, Sr. and the Chief Deputy District Attorney, Damon Mitchell.

Included Crimes

  • Crimes against persons
  • Crimes against property
  • Drug offenses

What do I do if I’m the victim of a crime?

In case of emergency, you should call 911 immediately.

Non-Emergency Reports

Give the police as much information as you can about the crime and the suspect(s).

What is a subpoena and what should I do if I receive a one?

A subpoena is filed with the court and is an order for you to appear for a hearing at the scheduled date and time. When you receive a subpoena call the office to let the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the case know that you received your subpoena. He or she can give you further instructions as necessary.

Tips for Testifying

What if I no longer live at the address that I told the police in my report or statement? In the event that you move from your current address or change your phone number, you should keep the District Attorney’s Office informed by contacting either the attorney assigned to the case or the victim advocate.

How do I anonymously report drug activity?

Call (913) 573-6280 to anonymously report narcotic activity.

Adult Correctional Facilities

Phone: (913) 573-2851
Fax: (913) 573-2948

Location: Wyandotte County Courthouse, 710 N 7th St, Suite 10, Kansas City, KS 66101

Juvenile Correctional Facilities

Visit Juvenile Correctional Facilities

Phone: (913) 573-2973
Fax: (913) 573-2860
Location: Wyandotte County Juvenile Detention, 738 Ann Ave, Kansas City, KS 66101