Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Program provides services aimed at assuring that the basic ingredients of a vibrant community; land, food and recreational waters are safe and healthy. This is achieved through organized activities undertaken to protect and enhance the public's health through the control of potentially harmful materials, organisms, energies and conditions in the environment.

It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments. This definition excludes behavior not related to environment, as well as behavior related to the social and cultural environment, and genetics.

COVID-19 update: Pools may reopen beginning June 8, 2020, as Wyandotte County moves into Phase 3 of reopening

In order to be open, you must follow guidance on social distance, maximum number of people in the pool area, cleaning and sanitizing, and signage. Learn more:

Provided Services

Are appointments necessary?

No appointment necessary but inspectors may be out in the field so it is a good idea to call in advance if you plan to come in. Please note that some services may be offered remotely due to COVID-19.

Unified Government Code of Ordinance

Chapter # Chapter Title Article # Article Title Section(s)
7 Animals I General 7-8 through 7-9
16 Food and Food Establishment I General 16-2
16 Food and Food Establishment II Food Service and Food
Service Establishments
17 Health and Sanitation I General 17-3
17 Health and Sanitation II Health Nuisances 17-31, 17-32, 17-33,
17-34, 17-35
30 Sewers and Sewage
Multiple Multiple 30-1 through 30-14,
30-161 through 30-265
33 Swimming Pools I General 33-5 through 33-7, 33-12,
33-15, 33-16, 33-18
33 Swimming Pools II Operator's Permit 33-51 through 33-54, 33-56