Inspections & Requirements

Inspection Request

To schedule an inspection call (913) 573-8620. Please provide a (24) hour notice. Inspections are performed Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Your building permit number is required when scheduling an inspection.

Residential Inspection Requirements

To request an inspection call: ( 913) 573-8620

  • All applicable permit numbers must be provided with all inspection requests.
  • (24) hr Advance notice required for residential rough-in and all final inspections.
  • The city stamped approved plans and survey must be on the job site for all inspections.
  • The address must be posted on the job site and must be clearly visible from the street.

Temporary Electrical Power

The Board of Public Utilities (for a fee), will supply customers with a 20-amp single-phase 120-volt service through two GFCI 20 amp receptacles, each protected by a 20-amp breaker. Contact BPU: (913) 573-9831. If a 220-volt temporary service or larger is needed, a temporary electrical service permit must be obtained from this department. Requirements for overhead and underground temporary service installations are available upon request. If you have obtained a permit from our department, BPU will be contacted to set a meter when the temporary electrical service inspection has been approved.

Footing Inspection

This inspection will be conducted when all trenches, forms, and steel reinforcement bars are tied in place and properly supported.

Foundation Wall Inspection

This inspection will be conducted when all steel reinforcement bars and forms are in place. Walls shall be designed for any lateral or other loads to which they are subjected. Every effort will be made to respond within one hour of the footing/foundation inspection request.  

Under-Slab Plumbing Inspection

This inspection will be conducted when all under-floor plumbing pipes are in place, but before the installation is covered with gravel, and before any concrete has been poured.  

Sewer Line Inspection

This inspection will be conducted by Building Inspection when the sewer line is complete from the building to the property line. The City Water Pollution Department requires a separate permit and inspection for the portion of the sewers located in the right of way. P: (913) 573-5400.  

Water Service Line Inspection

This inspection is conducted by The Board of Public Utilities Water Department. P: (913) 573-9622.

Rough-In Inspections

An all trades rough-in inspection will be conducted when all work has been completed for the items A through E.  The electrical service and complete gas inspections will be completed at the same time as the rough-in. (See description item 8 and 9).

(If the electrical service and complete gas are not ready at the time of the rough-in there will be an additional $100.00 fee for each inspection).  

  • Framing - Insulation shall not be installed. Note: If construction occurs over a shallow crawl space, you should request a separate rough-in inspection prior to the installation of sub floor material, so we can verify proper sill plate and floor joist attachment to the foundation.  
  • Electrical - All wiring and/or conduit has been installed.  
  • Plumbing - All, water, drain, waste, vent and gas piping has been installed.  
  • HVAC - All duct installations are in place.  
  • Fireplace - A fireplace inspection will be required at the time of the rough-in inspection. All factory-built fireplaces shall be listed by ICC.
  • Fire Resistant Assemblies – Protection of joints and penetrations in fire-resistant-rated assemblies shall not be concealed from view until inspected and approved.  

Electrical Service Inspection

This inspection will be done when the meter base, overhead/underground conduit, electrical panel, main breaker, "SE" cable from meter base to electrical panel, required grounding, and at least one branch circuit breaker and receptacle is installed.(For  new home construction  the electrical service will be inspected in the course of rough- in inspection. See item 7 this report).

Complete Gas

This inspection will be conducted when all interior gas piping is installed. All installations shall be tested with a mercury gauge, or an air gauge, (marked in 2 lb. increments or smaller), and comply with chapter 12 of the Uniform Plumbing Code. (For new home construction the gas service will be inspected in the course of rough-in inspection. See item 7 this report).

Lath or Gypsum Board Inspection

Lath or gypsum inspections shall be made after lathing and/or gypsum board, interior or exterior, is in place, but before any plastering is applied or before gypsum board joints and fasteners are taped and finished.  

Final Inspection

Request for a final inspection are made (24) hours in advance. No building or structure shall be occupied, and no change in the existing occupancy classification shall be made until a final inspection has been approved. A final inspection check-off list is available upon request.


Upon completion of an initial inspection an inspection slip will be left on the jobsite listing all violations observed. All violations must be corrected before the re-inspection request.

Re-inspection fees shall be assessed for each re-inspection when any portion of work itemized on the initial inspection is incomplete, or when corrections are not made. Fees shall be assessed as follows $100.00 the first, $150.00 the second, $225.00 the third and $337.50 for the fourth.

(Note: with each subsequent request for re-inspection this fee will increase.)  
All plans and construction must conform to the following codes: 2012 International Residential Code
Code of Ordinance

Required for the inspection:

  • Approved set of plans shall be onsite and accessible to the inspector
  • Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits shall be onsite and accessible to the inspector
  • Permit card shall be placed in an obvious location onsite and accessible to the inspector

Re-inspection Fee

$100 is charged for the third re-inspection and if a re-inspection is performed but the work was not corrected per the inspector's request. This fee must be paid before the scheduled re-inspection date.