Sign Ordinance & Permit Applications

Review Time:

Allow (3) - (5) business days for the review of a sign permit application.

Types of Permits:

  • Permanent sign permit is required for new or re-facing existing of wall, canopy, projecting, or monument signs.

  • Detached Signs (incidental) permits are available for directional signs, flags, menu boards, etc. The zoning district dictates the quantity, height and sign area for these signs.

License Requirements:

Sign contractors are required to carry a city occupational tax license with the Business Licensing Department. A valid UG license is required for all sign permit applications.

Signs within a Historic District:

Sign permits on properties within a Historic District shall have State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) approval prior to the issuance of a sign permit. Planning will make the submittal on behalf of the applicant to SHPO. Allow (5) - (10) business days for SHPO review.

Fee Schedule:
Make checks payable to the Unified Treasurer.


Fee Per Sign Sign Type
$25 Attached (e.g. Wall, Projecting, Awning, etc.)
$75 Detached (e.g. Monument or Sandwich/"A" Frame)
$20 Other (e.g. Flag or Incidental)
$150 Billboard/Outdoor Advertising Sign (less than 300 SF)
$300 Billboard/Outdoor Advertising Sign (greater than 300 SF)


Additional Permits & Inspections: 

Building Inspections may be required based on the design of your sign. Applicant is responsible for obtaining the proper electrical permit and inspections if required for the sign with Building Inspections.


Sign ordinance  is available online under Chapter 27 Planning; Article VIII-Zoning; Division 11-Signs.


Application(s) shall be completed and shall include required supporting documents submitted to; incomplete applications will be returned. The following supporting documents shall be required for new permanent signs in addition to a complete application:

  • Scaled drawings or renderings that show the building elevation, the location of the sign, and detailed dimensions of the facade/wall the sign will be placed.

  • A detailed dimensioned site plan or plot plan that shows the location of the sign in relationship to: property lines, buildings, other signs on the site and the edge of the street pavement.

  • A detailed schematic drawing that gives the dimensions, color, materials of the sign and the method of attachment.

  • A letter from the property owner or authorized agent granting permission to construct the following sign(s)

  • Sign permit application(PDF, 213KB)