Motor Vehicle Auto Licensing

Whether you own a car, a motorcycle, a motorized bicycle, or a truck, you need to get a renewal for your license plate each year through the Wyandotte County Treasurer's Office. To get the renewal, you need to pay a state motor vehicle registration renewal fee and the local property taxes on your vehicle. Military and full-time college students may register at either their legal residence or where they are stationed. Vehicles registered in another state must re-register the vehicle.

For more information contact our Office (913) 573-2823 or Call Center

Wyandotte County Motor Vehicle Operational Changes

Service Changes

We are excited to announce that starting July 5, 2022, our offices will be open for walk-in transactions for all services. We continue to encourage residents to take advantage of the scheduling options to limit wait time.   

New Treasury Hours

As of  May 17,2022 we have new service hours. 

Monday-Tuesday, 8AM-5PM

Wednesdays: Closed for UG Forward Training

Thursday-Friday, 8AM-5PM


To register a newly acquired vehicle in-person, you can choose to Schedule an Appointment for next-day service, or get in line online using our Awesome-Q for same day service. Those with appointments will be given the priority.

If you would like to see current wait times at each location, that information can be found by clicking on the location of office you are wanting to visit. 

To register a newly acquired vehicle without coming into the office, please request to title a recently purchased vehicle online.


Save time, renew online! Download the myWyco App from the Apple App Store or Google Android Play Store.


Commercial Motor Vehicle Changes

Effective 1/1/2022: Wyandotte County Treasurer's Office will no longer process any Commercial Motor Vehicle transactions. Read more information on this topic.

Effective 08/15/2018: Kansas Department of Revenue has switched to the new Digital License Plate Production Process (DLPP)

What is it?

It is digitally printed license plate will be printed "on demand". The printing of the license plate eliminates the need to stock plate inventory at the County Treasurer's Office.

When will my plate be shipped?

Your new digitally printed license plate will be shipped to your address within (10-14) business days.

How will I know the status of my plate?

An email and/or text will be sent notifying the customer on the status of their plate.

Effective 10/13/2014: Written Power of Attorney will be required when conducting motor vehicle business on someone else’s behalf or on behalf of a business. The Power Attorney can be original, copied, or faxed directly to (913) 573-2890 (DTN office) or (913) 573-8554 (Annex facility). If using a Power of Attorney for multiple vehicles, you must submit a Power of Attorney specific for each vehicle. We will no longer accept a copy of someone’s ID as Power of Attorney for another person. This is a State of Kansas mandate, not a county requirement. This does NOT apply to registration renewals. Please click the link below that says “forms” to obtain a Power of Attorney Form (TR-41).

Important Notes

  • A $5.00 fee will be charged at both locations for in office renewals.

  • If you pay with a credit card, the State of Kansas will charge a fee of 2.5% of the total amount of the transaction as a processing fee. This includes transactions processed online and in person. If you are renewing online, you can pay with an E-check for $1.25 fee. There is not an additional fee for paying with a check for a transaction in the office or paying with cash. We do not accept payments by phone.

  • Make checks payable to Wyandotte County Treasurer's Office.

  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID and current proof of insurance are required on all transactions.