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Building a Healthier Community: What is a CHIP, and Why Does It Matter?

Since 2017, we, the Wyandotte County Public Health Department (WyCo PHD), have teamed up with our community partners to address health concerns we've uncovered through the Community Health Assessment (CHA) process. We're on a mission to make Wyandotte County a healthier place by focusing on things like affordable housing, great education, good jobs, safer neighborhoods, and the overall well-being of our community. Our goal is to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to enjoy a long and healthy life. Come on board, and let's work together to make Wyandotte County a healthier and happier place for all of us.

Join us in shaping a shared vision for a healthier WyCo! 

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2024-2028 CHIP

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About the CHIP 

What is a CHIP?

The CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plan) is our blueprint for a healthier Wyandotte County. It's a five-year strategy that addresses various aspects of community well-being.

Why a CHIP?

Good health isn't just about healthcare. It's connected to housing, education, jobs, and neighborhood safety – factors that shape our health. These factors can either help us thrive or create obstacles to better health. 

From CHA to CHIP: How it Works

We kickstart the process with a Community Health Assessment (CHA) to pinpoint our community's health concerns. The CHA highlights areas needing improvement, guiding the development of our CHIP.

2018-2023 CHIP: Where We Are

Currently, we're focused on our 2018-2023 CHIP, aimed at enhancing health in Wyandotte County.

Looking Forward: 2024-2028 CHIP

Our eyes are on the future! We're actively developing the 2024-2028 CHIP to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

Our Focus: Social and Economic Factors

Our CHIP focuses on addressing the social and economic factors that affect community health. We want everyone in Wyandotte County to have a fair chance at a long and healthy life.

Guided by CHIP Lenses

Our plan is guided by three vital CHIP Lenses: poverty, racism, and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). These perspectives drive our strategies in addressing real community challenges.

Collaboration is Key

The Wyandotte County Public Health Department (WyCo PHD) takes the lead, working with partners and the CHIP Steering Committee. Together, we coordinate Action Teams to implement projects effectively.

Join Us on the Journey

Our commitment to a healthier Wyandotte County is unwavering. We invite you to join us in shaping the future through the 2024-2028 CHIP.

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2018-2023 CHIP

Our Priority Areas

For the 2018-2023 CHIP, The CHIP Steering Committee, community members, and stakeholders used the CHA findings and further prioritized the community’s health concerns into five strategic areas for the next five years. Groups of stakeholders formed to work on each area have identified goals, objectives, and strategies, and lead agencies have been identified to partner with the Unified Government Health Department in implementing the action plans to ensure this work becomes a reality.

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