Comprehensive Plans

Below is a list of Comprehensive Plans developed for the many unique communities in Kansas City, Kansas. The plans are a collaboration of residents, businesses, and other stakeholders that seek to overall improve the quality of life in Wyandotte County.  

City-Wide Master Plan

The City-Wide Master Plan

Adopted in 2008, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas City-Wide Master Plan (Master Plan) is a guide that was designed to achieve the community’s vision of a forward looking, environmentally minded city with development that supports healthy neighborhoods and the City’s rich and diverse cultural history.

The Plan is intended to:  

  • Serve as a resource for developers, property owners, business owners and residents; 
  • Serve as a marketing tool for environmentally minded industries and businesses; 
  • Incorporate sustainable approaches to development and enhance natural areas; 
  • Revitalize neighborhoods; 
  • Identify a true “multi-modal” transportation network that balances the needs of motorists, transit, pedestrians and cyclists; 
  • Recognize, reinforce and enhance established neighborhood identify and sense of place; 
  • Prioritize public infrastructure investments; and 
  • Outlines an action plan for implementation.

*An updated of the City-Wide Master Plan is to launch in Fall of 2022 (Stay Tuned!)

The City-Wide Master Plan:(PDF, 4MB)

Individual Chapters:

Area Plans

The Unified Government has developed the Area Plans listed below to define a shared vision related to existing assets, potential opportunities, and the leveraging of future opportunities in a strategic manner. Area Plans are more detailed than and utilize the City-Wide Master Plan as it's foundation. 

Design Guidelines

The Unified Government has developed design standards for certain areas or certain development types based on existing assets or a vision set forth by an area plan or master plan.


Community Plans

These plans involved significant community involvement that seeks to improve the quality of life of neighborhoods and its residents in Wyandotte County. However, they have not been submitted to the Unified Government for official adoption. Select a link below for additional plans and information. 

Quality of Life Plans
These plans were produced through grants and with the direction of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC). 

For more information about LISC, please visit their website at

Past Plans

The Unified Government is always updating our vision for Wyandotte County. With the development of new plans, old plans can become obsolete. See the past plans for Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas below.